Big Cat Brandon

Big Cat Brandon

Big Cat Brandon

Ring Names:

Big Cat Brandon Brandon James James Brandon

Real Name:

James Brandon

Billed Height:

6 ft 8 in

Billed Weight:

296 lb


New York City, NY 26th March 1976

Trained by:




United States Pro Wrestling (2012 - present)

Alliance with Christian Faith and Duane Fry

Big Cat Brandon signed a contract with USPW in December 2012 and debuted shortly after Rick Law was mysteriously attacked after a match, Duane Fry then debuted and warned Rick that after his main event match than night Brandon attacked Law and left him bloody and beaten. He then faced Law in a match at Made in America! He won the match after a Brandon Bomb Drop after help from Duane Fry. He then entered a program with Human Arsenal, and the two traded attacks before facing of at USPW Stars, Stripes and Slams, where Brandon was unsuccessful in becoming the World Heavyweight Champion falling to an Ammo Drop against the undefeated champion. That same night Christian Faith debuted and he and manager Duane Fry joined forces as The Big League claiming to be from a Supreme wrestling organisation and claiming to be ready to take over USPW and entered into a series of feuds with USPW's top faces before the group became slightly less accosiated but still remained friends with Faith.

The Vibert Organisation & Dangerzone TV

When Phil Vibert reuturned he set about creating a stable involving some of the top DAVE alumni in USPW and quickly aligned with Big Cat Brandon in the Vibert Organisation, which also involved Jack Gierdoyc and non-DAVE alumni Danny Patterson and Tyson Baine as they raged war on the traditional workers in the promotion. The group particularly aimed to recruit Chris Caulfield to the organisation and The VO enlisted the hep of Christian Faith but still Chris resisted the group, and on the debut episode of USPW DangerZone, Chris was attacked by Big Cat Brandon only for the debuting Vengeance to return the favour aligning with Chris Caulfield against The VO. The feud continued and Big Cat lost to Caulfield at United States of Pain, and continuing the feud until it culminated at Thanksgiving Thunder 2013 when Chris Caulfield shockingly turned on Rick Law and joined The Vibert Organisation leaving Vengeance and Rick Law in shock. He then feuded with aw and Vengeance through the early stages of 2014 and briefly had a battle of giants with Bruce The Great.

Unites States & No Limits Championship reigns

Beating The Marksman & AJ Jackson he became the simultaneous United States and No Limits champion and would vacate the No Limits title the night after he won it. He went on to defend the title 4 times before Nicky Champion beat him for the title. Team Eisen (Predomination) Brandon then along with Chris Caulfield aligned with Eric Eisen and have spent the fall of 2014 working as a Lackey along with Chris and the group targeted Rich Hayward to join the group, leading to the pair putting Human Arsenal out of action with an injured neck and Rich did eventually join the group and he has spent much of the fall of 2014 teaming with Chris Caulfield as Big Cat & Caulfield and was on Team Eisen against Team Vibert at Thankgiving Thunder 2014! Personal Life On January 22, 2013 James married Katie Brandon (nee Martin) in a private ceremony with the only wrestling personailities in attendance being his wife's friend Emma Chase and Jack Gierdoyc, they have 2 kids, Emily and Phil, born 2007 and 2008. He was arrested for assault following an arguament in a bar in 2005, charges were later dropped.

In Wrestling

  • Finshing moves
    • Big Cat Pounce (Powerful Flying Shoulder Tackle)
    • Brandon Bomb Drop (Sit-Out Powerbomb)
  • Signature moves
    • Ready To Pounce (Corner Taunt to set up for Big Cat Pounce)
    • Chokeslam
    • Big Boot
    • Snap Suplex
    • Full Nelson Slam
    • Full Nelson Bomb
  • Teams
  • Manager
    • Duane Fry
    • Emma Chase
    • Phil Vibert
  • Nicknames
    • Big Money
    • Top Cat
  • Theme Music
    • Eye of The Tiger by Survivor

Championships & Accomplishments

    • 2011 Power 100, #66
    • 2012 Power 100, #34
    • 2013 Power 100, #50
  • United States Pro Wrestling
    • USPW No Limits (May 2014 - May 2014, Vacated)
    • USPW United States (March 2014 - July 2014, won from The Marksman lost to Nicky Champion)


  • Brandon's ring name comes from his brother who used to work as a childrens entertainer where he would dress up as Tiger and call himself Brandon The Big Cat.
  • Brandon is allergic to dogs.
  • "Big Cat" has never actually tasted cat food.