Acid II

Acid II

Acid II

Ring Names:

Acid II

Real Name:

Christopher Bain

Billed Height:

5 ft 11 in

Billed Weight:

197 lb


Boston, MA, 12th May 1990

Trained by:

Tayler "Acid" Morton



Acid II is the protege and heir of the original Acid character, Tayler Morton, and the second incarnation is just as Mysterious, it is thought he was discovered working low level independent matches in the Boston territory by Morton in 2009. Morton was said to be impressed by the youngster's natural ability, so much so that he offered to take him under his wing and train him. Bain accepted, and now he is beginning his journey under the Acid mask. He is a very similar worker to the original, but needs work.

Action Wrestling America (2012 - 2013)Edit

After his debut in 2012, Acid II was immedietely signed to a USPW development deal and sent to the AWA . He debuted on the Tough Love tour in July losing to El Leon on his debut match. He scored his first win a week later beating Thrill Seeker and debuting his new move The Acid Reflux, a spinning kick to the gut. He then traded win and losses with the midcard of AWA and entered a feud with Rudy Velasquez over the AWA Arena Championship, and then began impressing against his fellow youngster and eventually won a call up to USPW, losing his last match to Jesse Christian and leaving to an excellent reception from the AWA fans who respect his excellent work.

Call up to USPW (2013 - present)Edit

Upon being called up to the main roster Acid became, what essentially was, a masked jobber, losing his debut match to Ash Campbell, and continued onto a 11 match unbeaten run

Team with Acid (2014 - present)Edit

Acid debuted in USPW March 2014 and Acid II the oair began teaming, they were very succesful on American Wrestling and eventually went on to move to The team then continued on USPW...The Learning Curve where

Acid played out his real life role as mentor of Acid II, the team took on other teams on the show and were very successful against other students and mentor pairings. When that show became the 2 hour show Global, the pair were drafted onto that brand which boasted possibly the biggest tag team division ever. The pair became focused on the tag teams titles and feuded with The Underwater ReUnion, who they beat once and drew with twice. Acid also beat both members in singles matches during that feud.

Both of The Acid Experience then joined Team Global, in a match which saw Global beat AmWres and send The Shooter & Alex Braun out of action. The team then resumed as a tag team, earning a title shot at Thanksgiving Thunder.

Personal LifeEdit

Lik his mentor not much is know about Bain, other than, whilst training, he used to team with his brother, Mike Bain, as The Bain Pain Game, but his brother left wrestling very early on.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Acid Reign Bomb (Senton)
    • Acid Reflux (Spinning kick to the gut)
  • Signature moves
    • Head scissor takedown
    • Double Arm DDT
    • Surfboard
    • 720 DDT
    • Surfboard
    • Acidity Test (STF)
  • Teams
    • The ACID Experience
  • Nicknames
    • Heir of the Hood
  • Theme Music
    • The Experience by USPW Music

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

  • United States Championship Wrestling
    • USPW World Tag Team Championship (November 2014 - present)


  • Unlike his mentor he wears just one glove, on his left hand, but strangely he takes it off before a match.
  • He has a tatoo on his inner arm of 体験 (Experience) and wears it on his shorts.
  • He (infrequently) closes his eyes when performing a 720 DDT, to show off his in ring awareness.