Acid is a Canadian high flyer from Canada who is considered one of the best currennt non-native Japanese junior wrestlers in the world. He is currently working with USPW and is in a tag team with his

Acid alt8

Acid in March 2014, just after joining USPW

protege Acid II, he was the 2014 winner of Huey Cannonball Memorial.

United States Pro Wrestling (2014 - ), Team with Acid IIEdit

Acid debuted in USPW March 2014 as a heel as he aligned with protege and already heel Acid II, his debut match was against Savage Fury and the two then beat Teddy Powell & El Mitico Jr., He then entered the 32 man Huey Cannonball Memorial a tournament which he won at USPW Freedom Fight after beating Chance Fortune. The team then continued on USPW...The Learning Curve where


Ring Names:



Real Name:

Tayler Morton

Billed Height:

6 ft 0 in

Billed Weight:



Toronto, ON, Canda, 7th October 1977

Trained by:

House Of Stone

Duane Stone



Acid played out his real life role as mentor of Acid II, the team took on other teams on the show and were very successful against other students and mentor pairing.

When that show became the 2 hour show Global, the pair were drafted onto that brand which boasted possibly the biggest tag team division ever. The pair became focused on the tag teams titles and feuded with The Underwater ReUnion, who they beat once and drew with twice. Acid also beat both members in singles matches during that feud.

Both of The Acid Experience then joined Team Global, in a match which saw Global beat AmWres and send The Shooter & Alex Braun out of action. The team then resumed as a tag team, earning a title shot at Thanksgiving Thunder.

Personal LifeEdit

Little is known about Acid, as he likes to keep the seperation from his character private, although rumours have circulated that Acid is a reference to the drug, that he and friends thought would be funny for a little run after he bought a mask. The character caught on however, and he kept it and has since become one of north america's most recognisable masked wrestler.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • Acid Reign Bomb (Senton Bomb)
    • Acidity Test (STF)
  • Signature moves
    • Cross Armbreaker
    • Hurricanrana
    • Top Rope Arm Drag
    • 720 DDT
    • Surfboard
    • The Amazing Corkscrew Inverted DDT (The A.C.I.D)
  • Teams
    • The ACID Experience
  • Nicknames
    • The Mysterious Masked Man
    • Silent but Violent
    • A.C.I.D
  • Theme Music
    • The Experience by USPW Music

Championships & AccomplishmentsEdit

  • United States Pro Wrestling
    • Huey Cannonball Memorial (2014)
    • USPW World Tag Team Championship (November 2014 - present)
    • 2009 Power 100, #53
    • 2011 Power 100, #98
    • 2012 Power 100, #90
  • Other
    • 2001 Graduate of The House of Stone


  • Acid has numerous tattos mostly in Japanese, one says his ringname Acid and he as another which says レスリング, which is Japanese for wrestling and another with a picture of his mask saying 人生、愛、従来の (Life, Love, Legacy).
  • Contary to popular rumour a man claiming to be a friend of Acid once told, that Acid, was a forsight by the ambitious Acid who believe the character would definantly get over, stands for "Awesome Character. Indie Darling" but Art Reed has since denied this.
  • Acid reportedly performed numerous training sessions with Acid II over webcam when he was away in Japan.